One can have a more radiant smile with teeth whitening in Brighton. In just an office visit or even in your own abode for a length of only two weeks, much brighter teeth can be achieved with the help of Dr. Bidabadi and her team of experts. But a problem that most of our patients experience days after the treatment is how to keep their teeth as white.

Here are some tips that would greatly help you keep that glow in your smile.

Keep the basic: brush

Brushing your teeth constantly is probably the most helpful tip you could follow to maintain their whiteness. It is important that you do so every after meal and with anti-bacterial toothpaste with whitening properties. Food is often the cause for the gradual discoloration of your teeth, so it is best to prevent them from staying longer in the mouth by brushing more often.

Cut down the coffee

Caffeine can bypass your teeth and discolor it in the process so it would be helpful to avoid coffee. If that is close to impossible for you to do, use a straw when drinking coffee, soda, or any other caffeinated drink to avoid the substance from staining your teeth. It is also advised to completely get rid of these drinks, or even food that could heavily stain, for 24 hours after undergoing teeth whitening procedure.

It is an investment

There may be some teeth whitening treatments that are affordable, but they are not at all cheap. Think about it as an investment. If you fail to take care of your teeth and end up staining them again, you would have to sign up for a treatment again. This would only take up your time and money. If you can prevent this from happening, do it. It won’t hurt to regularly keep your teeth clean.

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