Baby Dental HealthIf you are a first-time parent, you may feel like you’re in a constant guessing game. And even though the internet is filled with helpful information, more often than not, it’s also filled with information that’s a bit misleading. From the kind of toothpaste to use to their first dental visit, this article will list three things that every parent should know about their baby’s dental health. Read on to learn more.


Yes, giving your six-month-old a toothbrush with a large amount of toothpaste on it is only going to make them sick to their stomach. But, as long you use the right proportion of toothpaste, they should be fine. As soon as your child has more than a few teeth, you should start brushing them with a rice sized amount of fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride acts as the mouths’ defense against cavities— leaving your child with stronger and healthier teeth.


Your baby’s toothbrush is one of the most important ways for you to take care of their teeth. When looking for their first toothbrush look for an infant one— these are designed with extra-soft bristles and are small enough to reach into the small crevices of their mouth.

Dental Visit

It’s not uncommon for parents to think their baby doesn’t need to see the dentist until right before they go to preschool. However, as soon as your little one starts to sprout some teeth, schedule an appointment with Nazila Bidabadi at Soft Touch Dentistry. During their first appointment, Dr. Bidabadi will perform a small physical examination to make sure their teeth are coming in okay and that there aren’t any areas of concern.

It may seem like starting your baby with a good oral hygiene plan when they’re as little as six months old is a bit excessive, but it’s not. If you would like to learn more about how you can baby your baby’s baby teeth, contact Dr. Nazila Bidabadi at Soft Touch Dentistry today to schedule an appointment!




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