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I recommend Dr. Bidabadi is the end result: problem-free teeth

I am a big wuss when it comes to needles being stuck in my gums and drills boring into my teeth. That’s one of the main reasons I’ve been a patient of Dr. Bidabadi’s for going on 20 years. All the work she’s done on my choppers–fillings, crowns, and even a root canal–has been problem-free, and has been done with great care and attention to my comfort and, well, my phobias. She is highly skilled, well educated (graduated from BU’s dental school and currently teaches at Harvard), personable and caring.

A word about them needles: I hate needles so much that when I was a kid, I insisted on having a couple of (admittedly small) fillings done without novacaine, because I could deal with the pain from the drill better than I could deal with the skeevies I got from having the dentist (different dentist) jiggle a needle around in my gums. Okay, that’s undoubtedly more information than you wanted, dear reader; but I mention it because as a dental patient, I can be *that* big of a neurotic pain in the …. Dr. Bidabadi’s expert skill, reassuring personality, and attention to my comfort has changed all of that. Well, most of it anyway…

Another pain I don’t deal well with is the pain involved in parting with money. Dr. Bidabadi’s office manager Laura is a whiz in dealing with my insurance, and makes sure things are done in a way to maximize my insurance’s benefits and minimize my out-of-pocket outlays. And in cases where the insurance is of little use (such as the aforementioned root canal), they’ve been great about making do-able payment arrangements.

Anyway, the main reason I recommend Dr. Bidabadi is the end result: problem-free teeth. I have recommended her to family, friends, and coworkers, and so I recommend her to you. ~ Mike B., Lynn, MA

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