Best and Worst Candy Options This Halloween

Do you know how much the largest “official” pumpkin weighed?

“I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.”  ~Henry David Thoreau

We couldn’t agree more! And because we’re deep into the pumpkin season, we thought we’d share some little-known fun facts about pumpkins that you can share at the dinner table.

  • Best and Worst Candy Options This HalloweenThe largest pumpkin pie ever made was over five feet in diameter and weighed over 350 pounds. It used 80 pounds of cooked pumpkin, 36 pounds of sugar, 12 dozen eggs and took six hours to bake.
  • In early colonial times, pumpkins were used as an ingredient for the crust of pies, not the filling.
  • Colonists sliced off pumpkin tips; removed seeds and filled the insides with milk, spices and honey. This was baked in hot ashes and is the origin of pumpkin pie.
  • The world’s heaviest pumpkin weighed over 2,600 pounds.
  • Pumpkins are 90 percent water.
  • Eighty percent of the pumpkin supply in the United States is available in October.
  • A pumpkin is really a squash – it’s a member of the Cucurbita family, which includes squash and cucumbers
  • The “pumpkin capital” of the word is Morton, Illinois.
  • Pumpkins were once recommended for removing freckles and curing snake bites.
  • The word “pumpkin” showed up for the first time in the fairy tale,
  • The original jack-o’-lanterns were made with turnips and potatoes by the Irish.

In addition to pumpkin season, we’re also deep into the prime candy season, and it won’t stop once Halloween is over. After pumpkin-shaped peanut butter cups and bowls of candy corn come marshmallow Santa cookies and candy canes, just to name a few. So if you find yourself unwrapping more than your fair share of sweet treats this time of year, you’re far from alone.

Here’s our list of the best – and worst – candy options this Halloween. Some may surprise you!

The 6 Healthiest Candy Options

  1. Best and Worst Candy Options This HalloweenUnReal Milk Chocolate Gems
  2. Endangered Species Dark Chocolate Bites
  3. Peanut M&M’s
  4. Snickers (That’s good news!)
  5. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  6. Blow Pop

The 5 Least Healthy Candy Options

  1. Best and Worst Candy Options This HalloweenCandy Corn
  2. Smarties
  3. Gummy Bears
  4. Jelly Beans
  5. Airheads

So go ahead and embrace the pumpkin season and the sweet season — just do it wisely. We hope that you and your family have a happy and healthy Halloween!

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