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At Soft-Touch Dentistry, our name isn’t just a name, it’s how we provide our care for our patients from Newton, Brighton, and the surrounding areas. Dr. Bidabadi, along with our specialists, Dr. Jacobson and Dr. Su, provide a wide range of services for our patients of all ages.

These are the services we provide along with a brief description. Each listing links to a full page on our site for more information. We look forward to keeping your smile looking great with any or all of these services at Soft-Touch.

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Laser dentistry improves many treatments, such as gum contouring and cleaning periodontal pockets from gum disease. Our Biolase lasers are used for both soft and hard tissue purposes.

Invisalign uses clear acrylic aligner trays that are virtually invisible when worn to move and straighten teeth. Invisalign is a far cry from the metal brackets, wires, and rubber bands of traditional orthodontics. Dr. Bidabadi plots the movement of the patient’s teeth, and then a series of aligner trays are fabricated to move the teeth in a progression. Unlike braces, when you’re eating or brushing your teeth, patients simply take out their aligner trays.

Dental implants are far and away the best option for replacing a missing tooth or two, or to use as anchors for full or partial dentures. Implants are named for the titanium implant base, which screws down into the jaw in the hole formerly occupied by the tooth root. The patient’s jawbone then accepts and grows around the implant, making it a part of the jaw. A post is attached to the implant and an artificial tooth is attached to the post. Now your dental implant functions and feels just like a natural tooth.

Most partial dentures require metal clasps to attach them to the adjacent teeth. At Soft-Touch we offer no-wire partial dentures instead. These state-of-the-art partial dentures use nylon in place of metal and pink acrylic. Instead of wires, these partials attach with clasps that curl comfortably to the necks of the teeth, making them look invisible.

Dr. Bidabadi and our team care for entire families from the youngest kids all the way up to their grandparents. Pediatric dentistry requires a special skill that involves both dental expertise and education for young patients. That way we build a solid foundation of dental care and knowledge of home dental practices for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

From placing sealants on the molars of our adolescent patients to fluoride varnishes, from checking for signs of oral cancer to professional cleanings, our goal is always to prevent dental problems from becoming big issues. The main point of our preventive care is making sure we see our patients every six months for our professional cleanings and exams. That way, we can spot a problem such as small amounts of decay or early signs of gingivitis early on to stem the damage.

We offer both in-office and at-home teeth whitening at Soft-Touch Dentistry. Our in-office option takes just an hour or so to brighten your stained teeth up to eight shades. For at-home whitening, we provide custom-fit trays and professional whitening gel to apply at home for 30 minutes for 10-14 days.

We provide porcelain crowns and bridges as restorative treatments. Crowns allow us to save a tooth with serious damage, something such as a deep crack, from needing extraction. We shave down the tooth on all sides and on the top to make room for the porcelain crown, which completely covers the natural tooth right down to the gum line. Bridges are the option for replacing from one to four teeth. They are typically anchored with crowns placed onto the teeth on each side of the gap.

Patients often misunderstand sleep apnea, thinking it’s just occasional snoring. While most patients who suffer from sleep apnea do snore regularly, snoring involves some obstruction of the airway. That creates the noise of snoring. Sleep apnea involves full blockage of the airway, usually with soft tissues in the back of the throat. When the brain senses the lack of oxygen when the airway is blocked, it awakens the person. These are quite brief, and the person usually won’t remember this happened the next morning, but this blockage and abrupt awakening cycle can happen dozens of times per hour all night. As you would assume, this makes the person drowsy, irritable, and unable to concentrate the next day, and it can create more serious health concerns such as high blood pressure and the risk of stroke. At Soft-Touch, we provide custom-made oral appliances for patients to wear at night while sleeping. The appliance helps keep the jaw in proper alignment and helps prevent tissue in the back of the throat from sagging and blocking the airway.

Silver amalgam fillings are rapidly becoming a sign of the old days. We now place fillings made of composite resin. We match the color of the resin to the patient’s natural tooth enamel, so the fillings become basically invisible when in the tooth. Tooth-colored fillings are a far cry from the silver molars filled with silver amalgam.

Porcelain veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are placed on the front surfaces of the visible teeth to cosmetically cover flaws such as deep staining, misshapen teeth, chips, and the like. We can place a veneer on a single tooth, or we can give you a perfect smile by placing veneers on all of your front teeth.

We use composite resin for bonding. Bonding can improve the shape, color, and other attributes of a tooth. The composite resin is matched to the patient’s natural tooth enamel color, and it is then painted on in layers and sculpted. Then it is cured and buffed. Bonding is great for covering small chips or gaps between teeth.

At Soft Touch Dentistry, we understand dental emergencies can happen when you least expect them. That’s why we’re here to provide compassionate care when you need it the most. Our experienced team of dental professionals is dedicated to prompt emergency dental care with comprehensive solutions for all your dental needs.

If you haven’t experienced dental care like this before, you deserve to.

It’s the kind of care you’ve probably already seen in the smiles of your neighbors, friends, even strangers you pass on the street. It’s the smile that comes not only from receiving high-quality dental care, but experiencing smile care that’s so incredibly gentle and delicate, you’ll find yourself relaxing in the dental chair.

But what you’ll find most memorable about Dr. Bidabadi is her warmth, the smile that brightens her face when she greets you by name and the extraordinary, personalized care she takes to create a smile that’s just right for you. Call 617.782.9250 to reach our Brighton office, or 617.332.8146 to reach our Newton office.

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Never been happier as a new, anxious patient!! The whole team was so attentive and welcoming, they made the experience incredibly positive. Glad I reached out and looking forward to my continued care at SoftTouch Dentistry 🙂

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