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Maintaining your smile is one of the most important aspects of your overall well-being. In fact, having regular dental exams and cleanings can help you stay healthy. For patients residing in Brighton and Newton, Massachusetts, Soft Touch Dentistry offers personalized dental care that addresses your dental needs.

Why Dental Exams and Cleanings Are Important

Scheduling regular dental exams and cleanings does more than keep your smile bright. Both exams and cleanings offer preventive and restorative care as well:

  • Preventive Care: Regularly scheduled visits can catch dental issues, such as gingivitis, in the earliest stages. This allows the experienced staff at our practice to create a comprehensive treatment plan that involves less invasive treatments.
  • Professional Cleanings: Even the most thorough at-home regimen can leave resistant plaque on your teeth. Professional dental cleanings with our experienced dental hygienist ensure that your teeth are clean, free of cavities, and without signs of gum disease.
  • Comprehensive Oral Heath Evaluation: Dr. Bidabadi performs a thorough exam of your entire mouth to ensure that your oral cavity is free of decay, gum disease, or early signs of oral cancer. She will also look at the spaces between your teeth, which can indicate gum disease. Deep spaces or pockets are usually an indication of gum disease, which can be successfully treated with routine exams and cleanings. Additionally, other underlying medical conditions can be diagnosed such as halitosis (bad breath), which can be addressed at the time of your examination.
  • Tooth Preservation: When cavities and other dental issues are caught early, it increases your chances of saving the tooth.
  • Brighter Smile: When you have regular dental cleanings, your teeth are whiter and brighter.

Benefits of Dental Cleanings

Professional cleanings reduce the amount of plaque that builds up on your teeth. Our dental hygienist uses a special tool to gently remove tartar and plaque on and in between your teeth. During your cleaning, the dental hygienist will brush and floss your teeth as well. They will polish your teeth, leaving your mouth feeling fresh and clean.

Our Approach

At Soft Touch Dentistry, our patients’ experience is what matters most. Dr. Bidabadi has built her practice on the principles of only providing the most comprehensive exams and dental care while making all of her patients feel comfortable throughout their treatments. Dr. Bidabadi and her staff always take a patient-centric approach to dental care, tailoring each patient’s treatment to meet their needs and expectations.


How Often Should I Have My Teeth Cleaned?

It is best to schedule dental cleanings every six months, unless you have an underlying dental issue and need to be seen sooner.

Will Dental Cleanings Help With Bad Breath?

Yes, if bad breath is caused by poor oral hygiene or plaque buildup, having regular dental cleanings can eliminate bad breath.

Are Dental Exams and Cleanings Painful?

No, dental exams and cleanings are not painful. However, some patients may not like the scraping feeling of getting their teeth cleaned.

Are Dental Cleanings and Exams Covered by Insurance?

Depending on your insurance plan, your dental exam and cleaning may be covered. It is best to check with your insurance carrier prior to scheduling your appointment.

Which Toothpaste is Best?

There is no objectively best toothpaste. However, it is important to use toothpaste that contains fluoride. This additive can help strengthen your enamel to protect your teeth.

What Is Plaque?

Plaque is a film of bacteria that builds up on your teeth and gums. It develops when food particles interact with present bacteria. This is especially true regarding sugar and starches. Plaque releases acid, which can damage the enamel of your teeth and increase the risk of cavities. If handled appropriately, you can easily remove it through regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing.

If left untreated, plaque can harden into tartar. Tartar is more difficult to remove than plaque and often requires the expertise of a professional dentist.

Do I Really Need To Floss?

Yes. You should floss once a day. The floss breaks up plaque in areas that your toothbrush can’t reach. Floss also helps your gums to stay strong and healthy.

Which Toothbrush Is Best?

Like toothpaste, this is no objective best toothbrush. That said, electric toothbrushes tend to produce better results than manual brushes.

First, electric toothbrushes are usually better at breaking up plaque. The high rotation speeds scrub better than manual efforts. Second, many electric toothbrushes provide timers that ensure you brush your teeth long enough.

How Do I Remedy Bad Breath?

There are plenty of things you can do to fight against bad breath.

Some of the best ways to fight off bad breath include the following:

  • Brushing at least twice a day
  • Flossing once a day
  • Using mouthwash to rinse
  • Staying hydrated
  • Eat a nutritional diet
  • Limit your consumption of certain foods and drinks
  • Quit smoking
  • Refrain from consuming tobacco
  • Schedule routine dental appointments

Although some of these methods are common knowledge, it is important to know how they can impact your oral health and how they combat bad breath. Take drinking water for example.

Drinking water does more than keep you hydrated. It helps keep your mouth moist and stimulates your saliva production. Saliva is what washes away lingering food particles and bacteria to keep your mouth healthy. Eating healthy, nutritional foods, such as fruits and whole grains, can also stave off bad breath. Furthermore, consuming raw, crunchy foods like celery can also clean your teeth while eating.

If your bad breath is too severe, it may be due to an underlying issue. You will need to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bidabadi to receive the most effective treatment.

How Often Do I Need To See The Dentist?

How often you need to see a dentist varies from person to person. In most cases, people need a proper dental cleaning at least once a year. However, some people may require two dental cleanings a year. Tartar and plaque removal can help keep your mouth clean to prevent oral health issues.

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