Caring for Your Partials

Any missing teeth can be completed with dentures or partial dentures. Partials come in two types, the cast and acrylic. Usually, a partial is connected to the patient’s remaining teeth using the wire clasps that come with it. This way, the partial is safely secured on the patient’s mouth. Dr. Nazila Bidabadi offers non-wire partials in Brighton to achieve a more natural look on her patient’s smile.

Having gotten partials is not the end of a client’s responsibility, though. One has to maintain the effectiveness of the dental device for as long as possible. This cannot be done if you don’t give it proper care.

Don’t bite

When wearing partials, it is strictly advised not to bite your way into placing them in the mouth. Use your hands when doing so. The human jaw can be really strong and the pressure of its bite could greatly affect the framework of a partial when it is not in its exact position. It could be bent or broken and could even wound your gums or tongue in the process.

Let the dentist do it

This goes to tightening the denture’s clasps by yourself. It is not advisable to do so without appropriate knowledge and expertise about the procedure. If you feel the partial is loosening, bring them to your dentist and let the expert do the job.

Don’t take it out too much

You should not take off a partial out of your mouth for more than a few weeks or months. If a partial stays too long out of your mouth, your remaining teeth may gradually shift to a different position. You might wake up one day realizing your partial doesn’t fit you anymore because of that. Partials are placed and clasped on your remaining teeth precisely so that they go with the natural contour of your teeth. Even the slightest disturbance in the alignment could cause problems.

To know more about how you can take care of your partial, contact Dr. Bidabadi at 617-782-9250 in our Brighton office or at 617-332-8146 in Newton.

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