Although we start out with perfectly white teeth, over time our teeth naturally become darker. Even if you avoid the well-known teeth stainers like coffee and smoking, there will come a time when you’d like to give your smile a little boost. Whether it is to look great at that reunion, or just to be confident when smiling, getting a professional teeth whitening treatment can make all the difference.

Compared to over-the-counter whiteners, the expert staff at Soft Touch Dentistry will ensure you don’t experience any pain or sensitive tooth nerve endings, a common complaint with non-professional whitening kits. Professional whitening also gets rid of stains beneath the outer layer of the tooth, whereas store whitening kits only address the surface layer.

Professional in-office whitening takes just one visit to our office. The treatment requires no downtime, and you can resume your normal daily activities immediately afterwards. The results are instant and your teeth will be up to 10 shades brighter — a level of brightness only a professional treatment can achieve!

You also have the option of using a professional home whitening kit, tailored to fit your mouth, that allows you to whiten your teeth at home in as little as two weeks.

Results from a Soft Touch Dentistry professional teeth whitening treatment can last for a year or longer, depending on how well you care for your teeth and avoid certain foods, drinks, or other things that cause yellowing. So, don’t waste your money with over-the-counter dentistry, call Soft Touch and let’s get to work on giving you the brightest smile possible.




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