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So, you have a bad cavity, and you need to get it fixed. What are your options? Other than attaching your tooth to a string that’s attached to a doorknob and holding onto hope, a prayer, and the wall for support, we at Soft Touch Dentistry have a few other, more realistic and less painful options including a dental crown or a dental filling. Although Dr. Nazila Bidabadi will go over your options on a case by case basis, let’s discuss some of the basics so that you feel a little more informed.

Dental Crown

One of the best ways to describe a dental crown is a cap that covers and shields your entire tooth. There are many benefits of getting a dental crown including its unique ability to strengthen and reinforce your tooth so that it doesn’t break or become even more damaged. If you have a particularly large cavity or hole in your tooth caused by an injury, then a dental crown may be the perfect solution to help fix the situation in Wellesley MA.

Dental Filling

Here at Soft Touch Dentistry, we offer patients tooth-colored fillings that are popular for a variety of reasons including their durable material and, as their name indicates, their ability to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth. Dental fillings are typically preferred over dental crowns when the cavity is small and easily repairable. If, however, your cavity is exceptionally large, then Dr. Nazila Bidabadi may encourage you to get a dental crown instead.

During your dentist appointment, Dr. Nazila Bidabadi will not only take x-rays, but he will also perform an oral evaluation to get a closer look at the tooth in question. From there, he will make recommendations as to what is the best treatment option for you.

Now that you know the basic differences between in Wellesley MA a dental crown and a dental filling make sure that you schedule your next appointment with Dr. Nazila Bidabadi at our Soft Touch Dentistry office today!

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