The closest alternative to your real teeth, dental implants replace missing teeth with sturdy, natural-looking results. Dental implants are composed of two parts, a titanium post that is screwed into your jaw, and a porcelain or ceramic crown. The implant, or metal post, is used to function much like your missing tooth root.

A significant bone structure is required to implant this metal post into your jaw. Once in place, a dental implant is so sturdy that you may forget you even have one. You will care for your implant just as you would a natural tooth and it should never shift or move.

The crown atop your dental implant will be made to match your natural teeth in color and shape/size. It will also function as strong as your natural tooth and should not stain or break with normal wear and tear. Dental implants require a surgical procedure but present a more convenient and permanent alternative to wearing dentures or partials.

Since dental implants are fused together with your jawbone, they are permanent. Dental implants contribute positively to the improvement of speech and will not cause slurring or impede your speech like other ill-fitting dental appliances. This procedure also does not require the reduction of the healthy tooth structure of the adjacent teeth unlike other dental restoration treatments in Wellesley MA. Unlike dentures, implant patients can brush and floss normally and will eliminate the need for special care that dentures often require.

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