Facts About Fluoride

Cheerful girl with a toothbrush and toothpaste looks into the camera in yellow background Have you ever wondered what fluoride is and why it’s in nearly every kind of toothpaste you can buy? Fluoride is extremely important for the health of our teeth and for our children’s teeth as well. Read on for some fluoride facts!

What Is Fluoride?

Flouride is a naturally occurring mineral that fights cavities by making teeth strong and resistant to decay and helping to reduce the amount of plaque on teeth. This is why it is important to buy toothpaste with fluoride in it; fluoride-free toothpaste can remove debris from teeth, make your mouth feel fresher, and can even help to whiten teeth, but it doesn’t offer the extra layer of protection that teeth need.

This mineral is found in oceans, groundwater, and even in some foods, such as red meat, eggs, canned fish, yams, and milk. It is also added to drinking water; about 75% of water supplied across the country has fluoride added to it. This has been done for about 70 years, and it has been proven to be a safe, effective, and inexpensive way of helping us to keep our teeth healthy.

While getting enough fluoride is a good idea for everyone, it is especially important for children. Even before a baby’s teeth start to come in, fluoride can be of benefit and can help teeth to be healthy as they grow. Some research has shown that children in areas without fluoridated water are three times more likely to have serious dental problems. Your child may also be at higher risk for cavities if they drink well water instead of water supplemented with fluoride.

If you or your children have dental health issues, your dentist may recommend a fluoride treatment. This is performed in your dentist’s office, and it may come in the form of liquid, a gel, or foam. Children may also be prescribed a fluoride supplement.

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