Fast Facts About Laser Treatment in Allston MA

Fast Facts About Laser Treatment in Allston MA

Just like any scientific advancement, there was always a hint of uncertainty and fear. While it seems silly today, when lasers were invented, nobody knew what to expect. Lasers are everywhere and today we’re discussing dental laser treatment in Allston MA.

The word laser is an acronym. It stands for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.” Lasers can move faster than light and are used in a variety of medical fields. They can treat broken bones, shrink tumors, improve vision, and much more.

Dental Laser Treatment in Allston MA

The FDA approved the use of lasers for dental procedures in the early 1990s. Before then, lasers had been used for a variety of surgical procedures but were still gaining credence as legitimate medical devices.

Looking back, the advantages of using lasers for dental treatments seems obvious. Traditional surgeries utilize metal scalpels, which while incredibly sharp, have many drawbacks, such as substantial levels of bleeding, swelling, and pain.

Because lasers selectively target a given tissue, they are much more precise. Using a laser reduces bleeding, infection, swelling, scarring, and pain. They can also significantly reduce the need for post-treatment pain medication.

Lasers in dental practice are used for numerous purposes from detecting cavities and removing gum disease to removing decay in a tooth, there are more than 6 different lasers that are used for various diagnostic and treatment purposes!

Laser Treatment in Allston MA for Gum Disease: Traditional treatments for gum disease are typically painful, requiring many sessions where the gums are scraped and cut with a surgical scalpel. Stitches are often needed and healing time is measured in days or even weeks.

Patients are afraid and don’t want to be in pain. Unfortunately, this leads to major complications down the road as gum disease leads to the spread of infection. Eventually, teeth may need to be removed or bone grafts used to repair large areas of infected bone. In the long run, delaying treatment for gum disease is a terrible decision which should be avoided if at all possible.

Lasers for Cavity Detection and Filling: While dental lasers are frequently used on the gums, there are other applications of lasers, too. They can be used to detect cavities using more traditional methods. And more powerful lasers may be used in place of a dental drill, often without anesthesia. A side benefit is the laser can kill bacteria near the cavity, making complications less likely.

Laser Treatment in Allston Ma for Teeth Whitening: As we age, our teeth naturally get a little darker. It’s completely normal and not necessarily unhealthy. Stains from dark foods like coffee or red wine can make the darkening more obvious. It’s natural, but it can make you feel self-conscious about your smile.

Many cosmetic procedures, including hair removal treatments, make use of lasers. So it’s only natural lasers have made their way to cosmetic dentistry, as well.
Some tooth whitening treatments use lasers to activate or speed up a chemical whitening process. (If you’re interested in tooth whitening, ask your dentist to find out what methods he or she recommends.)

Do you have questions about whether a dental laser treatment in Allston MA can help you? Contact us today to make an appointment so we can help you understand your options and explain more about how we use lasers in our dental practice.

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