How to Avoid Dental Problems This Halloween

Dental Fixture

Having the perfect smile doesn’t come easily; especially when there is Halloween candy practically calling your name from every corner. Because we see a lot of tooth damage this time of year due to people eating too much candy or the wrong type of candies, we decided to create a list of things to avoid if you have any of the following dental fixtures.


Avoid hard-to-chew, sticky candies like taffy, caramel, or Tootsie Rolls; although you may be fine to chew these types of candy while you have dentures in, it may cause them to come loose which will make you wonder why you even put that candy in your mouth in the first place.


Fillings are a fairly permanent fixture and won’t usually fall out unless they are already loose. To avoid having any problems with your fillings this Halloween, make sure that you avoid really sticky candy like taffy, tootsie rolls, toffee, or caramel.

Dental Implants

If you have recently started the first step of the dental implant process where you now have a rod surgically implanted into your gums, then you’ll want to avoid most types of candy this Halloween. If you do have a sweet tooth though and don’t want to be completely left out of the Halloween game, then make sure that you eat candy that’s easier to chew like chocolate without caramel.

Loose Tooth

If you have little kids who have a loose tooth or two, then you may be worried about the candy that they chew this Halloween. Similar to dentures and filings, it may be wise to have them stay away from candy that’s sticky like caramel, taffy, and toffee. However, if they really want to get rid of a loose tooth, then having them snack on one of these types of candy may be the best thing to get the tooth fairy to come over to your house asap.

If you want to spend the day after Halloween anywhere but at our office then make sure you follow the tips listed in this article. To learn more about these and other oral tips, make sure to schedule a consultation appointment with us at our Brighton or Newton office and call us at (617) 782-9250.

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