How can Botox help migraines?

Beautiful model woman with shiny and straight long hair. Do you get migraines? These kinds of headaches are not only painful – they can also put an abrupt stop to your day and whatever you were doing, and they can just be plain scary! One thing you can do to try to prevent migraines is to figure out what triggers them, but if that doesn’t seem to work, you may be surprised to find that Botox can help. You may also be surprised to find that your dentist can perform Botox for your migraines and chronic headaches!

What triggers your migraines?

It can be difficult to determine what causes your migraines. They can often seem to come out of nowhere, but there are some common causes:

1. Genetics

2. Stress

3. Hormonal changes

4. TMJ – problems with the joint

5. Sensory stimuli, such as a certain scent, bright lights, or loud noises

6. Changes in the weather, such as changes in heat, humidity, and barometric pressure

7. Foods or drinks, such as too much or too little caffeine, additives such as aspartame, and cultured dairy products

8. Too much or too little sleep

9. Intense physical exercise (with not enough hydration)

How can Botox help?

Before administering a Botox injection, your dentist will perform a thorough evaluation to determine why you are having headaches – there are some types of chronic headaches that may not be helped with Botox. If you and your dentist decide that Botox is right for you, it will be injected into the muscles of the head and the neck, to disturb the pathway of neurotransmitters that can contribute to your headaches and relax the muscles. It may take 2 to 4 weeks before you start seeing the benefits of using Botox. Studies have shown that patients who regularly receive Botox for headaches (typically about every 4 months) have fewer headaches and have to take less time off of work because of headaches.

If you suffer with migraines and you want to give Botox a try, go to someone you know and trust. Botox for migraines is available at Soft Touch Dentistry. Contact the Brighton office at (617) 782-9250 or the Newton office at (617) 332-8146 to make an appointment today.

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