National Popcorn Day: How to Remove a Kernel From Your Gums

Popcorn,In,White,Bowl National Popcorn Day is the perfect occasion to sit down with a bowl of popcorn and a good movie, but having a kernel stuck in your gums is a painful problem that happens far more often than we would like. If you find yourself in need of an emergency dentist, we are here to help. This post may also help you safely remove the kernel from your gums at home.

How to Remove Popcorn Kernel From Gums

There are several steps you can take to remove a lodged kernel at home:

  • Gently floss. Using dental floss, gently floss between the teeth near the affected area. Avoid applying more force, even if you’re struggling to get the piece out, as it may increase inflammation and injure your gums.
  • Rinse with warm saltwater. Mix one teaspoon of salt with a cup of warm water and rinse your mouth to dislodge any small pieces that are stuck.
  • Brush at an angle. Using a soft toothbrush, brush gently at a 45-degree angle to lift hulls that are stuck at the gumline.
  • Use a water flosser. Target the area using a water flosser on low pressure to gently dislodge the stuck kernel.

When You Should See a Dentist

If you are unable to remove the kernel at home, or it is causing you serious pain to try, seek emergency dental care or schedule an appointment ASAP with your dentist. When a piece of popcorn kernel gets lodged in your gums, it can cause irritation, pain, and swelling.

Due to its small size and sharp edges, conventional measures like brushing or flossing may not be effective. Leaving the kernel in your gums could cause inflammation and infection, so be sure to seek care right away if at-home remedies do not work.

Schedule an Appointment With Soft Touch Dentistry

If you’ve tried at-home methods to remove a kernel without luck, we can help. Through specialized equipment and the right techniques, we can safely and effectively remove a popcorn kernel from gums in our Brighton or Newton, MA, offices.

With a highly experienced staff and flexible hours, we make it easy to access high-quality dental care whenever you need it.

Please contact us at 617-782-9250 in Brighton, or at 617-332-8146 in Newton, to schedule an appointment. You can also send us a message anytime on our contact page.

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