Need a Dental Implant? All You Need to Know

If you recently lost a tooth either due to extreme dental decay or blunt force trauma, your best bet to get your smile and your ability to chew back is through a dental implant. By having a dental implant surgically implanted into your gums at Soft Touch Dentistry, you will be back to feeling like your natural self in virtually no time at all. Read on to learn more about dental implants.

What is recovery like from a dental implant procedure?

The great thing about dental implant surgery is that it is an outpatient procedure, which means that you will be able to go home right after your implant has been placed. However, due to the semi-lengthy process of a dental implants, it will take around two to four months for your gums to heal once the implant has been placed, a process called osseointegration. Once the gums have healed around the dental rod, then Dr. Nazila Bidabadi can place the dental crown over the top— leaving you with the ability to chew once again.

What will my dental implant look like?

During the first phase of the dental implant process in which only the dental rod itself is visible, it will not look natural. However, once the dental crown is placed on top of the rod, it will give off the natural appearance of a normal tooth. If you need a dental implant near the front of your mouth, a porcelain crown can be matched to the same shade of your tooth.

Is the process painful?

Unfortunately, the dental implant process is not pain free. However, while in Dr. Nazila Bidabadi’s care, you can rest assured that you will be administered topical anesthesia and pain medication that will help you to feel both relaxed and comfortable. Once your natural tooth has been removed and your dental implant has been placed, you can expect your mouth to feel fairly sore for at least a few days following the procedure— remember that anytime your mouth is being worked on in a surgical way, you will feel some sort of pain or discomfort.

If you are interested in learning more about the dental implant procedure or if you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nazila Bidabadi, contact our office today!

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