Care of InvisalignYes, the holiday season— especially Thanksgiving— is all about eating good food with some of your best friends and family. But amidst all of the fun and stuffing your face, you may get a little too lax and forget to take care of your Invisalign. Even though Invisalign gives you some freedom and flexibility that traditional braces simply don’t, it’s still important that you don’t neglect your teeth.

Brush and Floss

If you are spending your Thanksgiving out of town visiting relatives, you know just how easy it is to get out of your normal routine— especially if there are a bunch of you crashing under one roof. Make sure that even if you don’t wash your face or even shower every day that you are brushing and flossing your teeth. Brushing and flossing is the easiest way to shield your teeth from harmful germs and bacteria— especially when you have Invisalign.

Put Your Trays Back In

Even though you can eat your entire Thanksgiving dinner, dessert, seconds, and even a third or fourth helping don’t forget to put your trays back in. Remember that although Invisalign gives you the flexibility to eat without the hindrance of trays or braces, it can’t-do its job unless you are wearing them for the majority of the day.

Wash Your Trays

Even though you aren’t eating your Thanksgiving dinner with your trays in, they can still harbor bacteria and germs in your mouth— leaving you more prone to developing cavities and other harmful oral problems. Make sure that you are washing your trays after every helping of turkey or serving of pumpkin pie.

As the most wonderful and busy time of the year, it’s easy to fall out of your routine and neglect to take care of their oral hygiene, it’s the holidays.

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