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One way of filling in the spaces in your smile, whether caused by missing teeth and/or natural large spaces is the implementation of advanced, all-porcelain bridges, as well as traditional porcelain-metal bridges Filling the spaces has the added benefit of keeping the surrounding teeth of an open space from drifting.

What Is A Bridge And When Are They Used?

If a patient is only missing one or more teeth, it may be customary for SoftTouch Dentistry to recommend dental bridges to close the gap created by the missing teeth. Dental bridges consist of two crowns on both ends of the bridge called abutments that function as anchors to hold the bridge in place. In between the crowns are the artificial teeth which will complete the bridge.

Bridges are important for maintaining overall dental health. If one tooth is lost, the surrounding teeth may shift or change position potentially causing damage or decay. By installing a bridge, Dr. Bidabadi ensures a healthy, and aligned smile despite a missing tooth.

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What Materials Are Bridges Made Of?

Bridges fill the gaps in your teeth by replacing the missing ones with either all-porcelain material, or the combination of traditional porcelain and metal materials or other advanced options.

What Result Can I Expect From A Dental Bridge?

Once your dental bridges are in place, they restore the appearance and function of your teeth and you can go about your day to day activities.
You may not notice the bridge, and the shape of your face and your jaw will not change. Dental bridges can also improve the overall speech function and decrease the slurring sometimes caused by missing teeth.

Are There Any Risks Associated With Dental Bridges?

One should always fill in the place of missing tooth and Bridge is one way of addressing that. Without a dental bridge your jaw line or gums may suffer, speech may become slurred and other healthy teeth may shift or become damaged. Bridges are one of ways of maintaining overall dental health.
For the best possible results, it is ideal to have your dental bridge made soon after you lose your teeth. If done properly, dental bridges may provide exactly the same look and feel of your natural tooth.

Brighton Office (617) 782-9250
Newton Office (617) 332-8146
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