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Dental Implants Newton & Brighton, MA

Dental Implants Newton MA | Dental Implants Brighton MA The closest alternative to your real teeth, implants will fill in your missing teeth with a natural alternative.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants in Newton, MA require a surgical procedure but present a more convenient and permanent alternative to wearing dentures or partials or even bridges.
Dental implants are usually made of titanium material and are used to replace missing teeth. The base of an implant is placed first and after it heals, attaches the artificial tooth. The restorative artificial tooth is placed by Dr. Bidabadi in Brighton, MA onto the implanted base. They are screw-like in appearance when placed into one’s jaw bone to which an artificial tooth that imitates a real tooth’s natural appearance is attached.

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What Should I Expect During My Tooth Implant Procedure?

The base which acts as the root of the tooth is surgically placed in the place of the missing tooth. This procedure is usually performed by our specialist (Periodontist). The implanted base is monitored until it heals and fuses in place. A connector post is then connected to the implant and used to hold the artificial tooth, the crown, or the dental bridge that will fill the gap between the missing teeth.

The procedure takes several visits to finish, but the results will be well worth it. Dental implants have the same look and feel of your natural teeth and will require the same dental care. After the procedure, you would feel like you never lost your teeth.

What Are The Advantages Of Dental Implants?

Since dental implants are fused into your jawbone, it offers the same look and function of your teeth and will guarantee a more natural appearance. Since implants are permanent, they function much like your natural tooth root and offer a strong foundation for the dental bridge or replacement tooth that will later be attached to it. Dental implants contribute positively to the improvement of speech and will not cause slurring or impede your speech like other ill-fitting dental appliances.

This procedure also does not require doing any work or affecting any of the healthy tooth structures of the adjacent teeth. Unlike dentures, implant patients can brush and floss normally.

Soft Touch Dentistry proudly serves patients in Newton and Brighton, MA with dental implants. Contact Dr. Bidabadi today for any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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Brighton Office (617) 782-9250
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