Typically, we smile when something makes us do so. For instance, hearing the voice of a loved one or receiving an unexpected gift is certainly something to put a smile on your face. Something you may have noticed about smiling is that when you do it, you feel better. You may have thought that your heightened mood was the result of the trigger that made you smile. Research is telling us otherwise.

The Internal effect of Smiling

Smiling is a physical act that promotes stimulation within the brain that further enhances  a happy mood. Additionally, the activity that goes on in the brain when we smile has been shown to improve our ability to recover from stressful situations more quickly than if we remained neutral in our facial expression, and even more quickly than if we frown in response to stress. The way that the brain reacts to smiling has nothing to do with our existing mood. Research indicates that even a forced smile is seen by the brain as a reason to produce neuropeptides and endorphins that bring about feelings of joy and that lower heart rate and blood pressure.

Boost Immunity

You may have heard stories of people fighting serious illness with comedy. Specifically, these people are improving their immunity by smiling and laughing. In addition to diminishing stress hormones that cause illness, smiling also allows the cells throughout the body to become more relaxed. On the contrary, stress makes cells become more rigid. The greater the rigidity of cells, the more likely they are to suffer stress induced mutation that leads to illness and disease.

Give Yourself a Reason to Smile

One of the greatest challenges that can stand in the way of your desire to smile is self-consciousness about the cosmetic appearance of your teeth. Surveys on cosmetic dentistry show that a large percentage of people would like to change something about their smile. If you have cosmetic concerns that are causing you to hide one of the best things about yourself, we can help you. Schedule a visit at Soft Touch Dentistry to discuss ways to improve your dental health as well as the aesthetic value of your smile.




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