Teeth Whitening Reminders: Keeping Your Smile Bright

Your smile is an amazing thing. It can light up a room, convey an aura of happiness, and even be the first thing a brand-new friend notices about you. But when your smile is looking worse for wear due to stains and discoloration, it can have a tangible impact on your self-confidence and your ability to make those instances occur. However, with effective teeth whitening from an accredited chief cosmetic dentist like Dr. Nazila Bidabadi, you can regain that lost confidence in your smile.

Whether you choose an in-office procedure or opt-in for a take-home teeth whitening kit, you’ll be able to whiten your teeth by entire shades before you even know it. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that the more extensive the staining and discoloration of your teeth is, the longer it will take to correct, even with the best teeth whitening practices to help.

As such, here are a few reminders to help minimize the possibility of tooth stains and discoloration.

Proper Dental Hygiene and Product Choices

The foundation of all healthy teeth and smiles is adequate and proper dental hygiene. Brushing at least twice a day (most effective after meals), flossing your teeth daily, and using mouthwash to help clean between teeth and the harder-to-reach places are crucial to keeping your smile shining.

It’s also necessary to choose the right products:

  • A toothbrush with the right softness of bristles
  • Toothpaste with tooth whitening properties and an American Dental Association seal
  • Brand-name mouthwash free of harmful chemicals

Healthier Dieting and Lifestyle Choices

Part of maintaining your dental hygiene is also about choosing the right foods to eat and making lifestyle choices that help your teeth and gums thrive. Nutritious meals that are packed with vitamins and good things that your body needs will always be a good choice over junk foods and sugary snacks. You’ll also want to consider cutting out smoking entirely, as well as reducing your intake of alcohol.

Enjoy First-Class Teeth Whitening at Soft Touch Dentistry

Of course, no teeth whitening tip can compare to regular checkups with a dentist that you can trust. So, if you’re looking for effective teeth whitening, reach out to Dr. Bidabadi at Soft Touch Dentistry. You can reach their Brighton, MA, location at 617.782.9250 and Newton, MA, location at 617.332.8146.

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