The Problem With Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening in Allston MA

The Problem With Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening in Allston MA

Now that the holiday season party season is here, and cameras will be snapping all around you, it’s the perfect time to evaluate your smile to see if it’s photo-ready. And one of the easiest and best ways to brighten your smile is teeth whitening in Allston MA.

The Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening
If you’re someone who enjoys things that can stain your teeth – like coffee, wine, and tea – your tooth enamel will gradually be stained over time. And eventually, they will become discolored and yellow.

Professional teeth whitening in Allston MA can reverse the effects of this staining. It can also make your appearance more youthful and boost your self-confidence. This, however, is not the case with over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments.

Problems With Over-The-Counter Teeth Whitening Solutions
While the teeth whitening options you can get at the drug store or grocery store might be cheaper, as in many cases, you get what you pay for. Here are the top three reasons why those OTC kits just aren’t worth it the money, time, and hassle.

Damage to the Gums: The one-size-fits-all approach of OTC kits is detrimental to your gums. The bleaching agent in them is explicitly designed to remove stains from tough enamel, which means that it’s not supposed to come into contact with your gums. If the trays don’t properly fit your unique mouth, there can be too much spillover on your gums, which could damage and irritate them.

No Accountability: Because there is no oversight, you will have to rely on yourself for the results. The problem is that you have to depend on small and confusing directions that are printed on a folded paper inside the box or on the side of a box itself. That – together with the fact that the bleaching agent is weak, and the trays don’t fit – is a formula for failure. For that, you will be the only one to blame

Disappointing Results: To be able to market and sell these kits in stores, the manufacturers have to significantly dilute the bleaching agent. That is why you can’t get a professional-grade bleaching agent contained in prescription teeth whitening systems without a prescription. This means these teeth whitening kits deliver uninspired results if they work at all.

Why Professional Teeth Whitening in Allston MA Is Better:

  • Our dentists have undergone extensive training and experience in cosmetic dentistry;
  • The materials we use are professional-grade;
  • We offer both take-home and in-office options.

We hope that you are now inspired to take back your smile with professional teeth whitening in Allston MA in time for holiday photos. Contact our office today to get started by scheduling a consultation. Don’t hesitate – our schedule fills up quickly as we get.

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