What Is Laser Dentistry?

istock 1147579303 Dentistry is changing and advancing all the time, and although you probably don’t think about it much, you will be happy to know that the changes are directed at making procedures more pleasant and more effective for patients like you! Here is some more information on laser dentistry, one of the latest advances used at Soft Touch Dentistry.

What is laser dentistry?

Lasers are simply light beams that are extremely focused in one area. Lasers have many uses in medicine and dentistry. Laser dentistry is usually used to help treat gum issues, such as gum reshaping to treat a “gummy smile,” removing inflamed gums, or treating gum disease. Dentists may also use lasers to treat root canal infections, to remove benign oral tumors, to treat painful canker or cold sores, to expose wisdom teeth, and to whiten teeth. Lasers can even be used to regenerate damaged nerves, to remove tissue in the throat that can cause sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, and can help reduce pain and inflammation caused by TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder).

What are the benefits of laser dentistry?

When a dentist uses laser dentistry on a patient, they can expect a more comfortable procedure and a reduced healing time, because there is less damage done to the gums than in a typical dental procedure. The risk of infection is reduced, because the laser sterilizes the gums. Because the typical surgical tools aren’t used, there is little bleeding. And, patients may not need sutures or anesthesia.

Many patients also appreciate that they won’t have to hear the sound of the drill or feel the vibrations and discomfort that can come when the drill is used for a procedure. For these reasons, laser dentistry can be a great option for people who are anxious about going to the dentist, including children.

Lasers are just one of many technological advances that the staff at Soft Touch Dentistry uses to help their patients. Lasers have many uses and many benefits, and they may be used to help you! Call the Brighton Office at (617) 782-9250 or the Newton Office at (617) 332-8146 to schedule an appointment.

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