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What’s Hiding in Your Child’s Easter Basket?

A common dilemma parents have around Easter is deciding which type of candy to gift their little ones. We all know candy is not good for you if eaten regularly, but a holiday-time exception should not be a problem provided that the candy is eaten in moderation. Read on to learn more about the best and worst Easter candy options.

BEST: Hollow Chocolate Bunnies

Hollowed bunnies pack a healthier punch than solid or cream-filled chocolates because they have fewer calories and less fat and sugar.

WORST: Solid Milk Chocolate Bunnies

It may be challenging to resist the temptation of a solid milk chocolate bunny on Easter, but the calorie range for these cute treats can exceed your energy needs for two or more meals.

BEST: Jelly Beans with Natural Flavorings

Choose candy with natural ingredients, free from artificial flavorings and colors. When picking out your favorite jelly bean flavors, check the labels and opt for brands that contain added vitamin C and have natural flavoring.

WORST: Hard Candy

Hard candy is tough on teeth because it tends to be sucked on at a leisurely pace for an extended period, which ultimately coats teeth with sugar.

BEST: Dark Chocolate

The good news for chocolate lovers is that a variation of this holiday favorite is on the good list. Dark chocolate contains a number of minerals, including magnesium and potassium.

WORST: Peanut Butter Eggs

It can be difficult to pass up the delicious mix of chocolate and peanut butter rolled into a perfectly shaped egg during the Easter season, but if you’re looking to keep your calorie intake in check, resist this sweet treat. Just one peanut butter egg contains 10 grams of fat and 15 grams of sugar.

BEST: High-Quality Fudge

For a candy selection that satisfies your sweet tooth and avoids artificial flavors and additives, fudge is a delicious option. Good fudge is commonly made with dark chocolate, butter, sugar and honey — ingredients that are high calorie, but less damaging than the artificial versions found in mass-produced confections.

WORST: Crème-Filled Chocolate Eggs

Just one small crème egg packs 4 grams of saturated fat and 20 grams of sugar, so it’s easy to overindulge. This Easter favorite offers practically nothing in the way of nutrition and contains artificial coloring.

When shopping for this year’s Easter basket, just keep in mind that moderation is key. It’s not just about the Easter egg or bunnies. It’s the hope that this season enfolds in everyone’s homes.

From our family to yours…Happy Easter!

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