Why Tooth Colored Fillings Are Better

There is a reason why Dr. Bidabadi only uses tooth colored fillings in Newton, also known as composite fillings, in her dental services. Back in the days, amalgam fillings were used. These metal fillings were strong, which means they can withstand the pressure when biting more. They were also widely known and considered inexpensive. However, the FDA admitted in June 2008 that these substances weren’t safe to be used anymore.

More reasons why

Using amalgam as fillings stirred many complaints from some patients. Some have experienced unusual sensitivity to hot or cold substances right after they have undergone the procedure. Plus, more dentists have noticed that amalgam fillings usually took too long to harden that it would still take hours before the patient can chew on something after having been placed with a filling. Since the doctor has to make much bigger preparations in using these metal fillings, more tooth structure has to be taken away. These reasons contribute to why most dentists do not use this type of filling anymore.

The better alternative

Composite fillings, unlike the amalgam, contain only glass and acrylic particles and not even a hint of mercury so they are much safer to be used. Furthermore, this material is already hard once it is placed on the teeth, so patients will already be able to chew with them on right after the procedure. Only minor preparations will be made by the dentist with this type of filling which will require less tooth structure to be lost.

More natural-looking teeth

What makes composite fillings and amalgam fillings different is that the latter looks nicer and more natural on one’s teeth. Unlike the amalgam’s silver appearance, the tooth colored fillings follow the natural color of the tooth so it would seem like no fillings were placed at all.

Dr. Bidabadi can assist you with your queries on tooth colored fillings. Give her a call at 617-782-9250 at our Brighton office or at 617-332-8146 at our Newton branch.

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