With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, couples everywhere are trying to think of the most romantic gestures they can make in order to make their significant other feel extra special. However, if you have the right mood lighting, food, and ambiance, nothing will feel romantic if you have nasty bad breath. Set the mood just in time for Valentine’s Day and follow these tips to help freshen your breath.

Brush and Floss
Yes, this might sound like an ammateur suggestion, however, the combination of both brushing and flossig your teeth proves time and time again to be one of the best ways to ensure that you have good smelling breath. Flossing your teeth helps to get rid of any trapped food or tartar that could be contributing to bad breath, wheras brushing your teeth not only helps to scrape away nasty bacteria but you can brush your tongue as well!

One of the best things about mouthwash is that you can carry a small container of it in your purse or suit pocket to use directly after meals. As a primarily alcohol based substance, mouthwash works to target nasty bacteria in order to freshen up your breath after every meal.

If you’re eating at a sushi restaurant during Valentine’s Day then you’re in luck, otherwise carry around either some actual ginger with you or some ginger candy. Ginger root itself is known to have the strong ability to fight off bad breath in no time. Simply take some raw ginger or some ginger candy and gently suck on it— the ginger will not only overpower any sort of odors in your mouth but will also encourage salivation, another all-natural breath fighting tool.

Don’t meet your date for Valentine’s Day with a mouth full of bad breath. By following the above tips— or at least one of them— you can help to ensure that you don’t scare your significant other away and that you have a perfectly romantic evening.

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