Three Things That Will Encourage Your Child to Care for Their Teeth

As adults, we often forget just how difficult being a child can be. Navigating through childhood can be hard on anyone involved, and learning the importance of things like taking care of your teeth and body can sometimes seem unimportant. If you are having a hard time getting your child to see the value and importance of good dental care, try these three tips.

  1. Show Them Pictures
    You don’t need to go searching the Internet in order to find pictures of rotten teeth that will give your child nightmares. However, you can look up some pictures of what a healthy smile looks like and what an unhealthy smile looks like in order to help your child comprehend the importance of good dental care. Explain to them that the person with the unhealthy smile didn’t brush their teeth everyday and visit the dentist, whereas the person with the healthy smile did do those things.
  2. Read Books
    Another great way to encourage good dental habits in your child/children is to read age friendly children’s books about brushing your teeth. Children love books and can use their imaginations to create new worlds catered around these ideas. By reading a book that is centralized around good dental care, you can help your child fully understand the importance of brushing their teeth and taking care of their smiles.
  3. Fun Dental Tools
    No you aren’t going to take your child out and buy them a scalpel. However, you can take your child to your local superstore or drugstore and let them pick out things like a fun toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, and even flossers. By getting your child excited about the dental “tools” that they will get to use both morning and night, you can show them that dental care can be just as fun as anything else (except maybe Disneyland).

By showing your child pictures of patients with good dental hygiene, reading them books on dental care, and letting them pick out fun dental tools, you can help to show them just how important dental care is. To learn more, contact our office today!

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