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Why Should I Choose a No-Wire Partial?

Unlike traditional partials, Dr. Bidabadi can create a partial for you that does not use metal wires, keeping your smile natural looking and beautiful. Partials are helpful dental devices for replacing one or several missing teeth.

Why Should I Choose a No-Wire Partial?

What are the benefits of No-Wire Partials?

If you think that a partial could be ideal for restoring your smile consider a removable, yet natural looking no-wire partial. No-wire partials are lightweight, made without metal and are virtually unnoticeable.  No-wire partials improve upon old designs in that they will not damage your existing teeth or healthy gums.

Why are No-Wire partials better than dentures?

Traditionally, partial dentures relied on wires to wrap around nearby teeth in order to stay in place. These could be painful and even cause damage to nearby teeth. No-wire partials are flexible and very difficult to break. Rather than metal, they use nylon, which is more durable and comfortable.
These types of partials are very stable even if it doesn’t use your natural teeth to latch on to. And unlike partials with metal clasps, the structure and fit do not change over time.

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Dr. Bidabadi personalizes your partials and dentures to help ensure a comfortable, and precise fit. With regular checkups, repairs and adjustments, you’ll discover how partials and dentures can enhance your appearance and improve the quality of your life.

If you are considering a no-wire partial, contact us today at (617) 782-9250 for our Brighton, MA office, or (617) 332-8146 for our Newton, MA office and schedule an appointment with Dr. Nazila Bidabadi.

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