Foods That Fight Gingivitis

woman with stick of green organic celery and fresh homemade celery juice. Gingivitis can be sneaky – you may have it on your teeth and not even know it. It is the first step towards gum disease and can lead to much more serious problems, such as gum irritation and inflammation, and eventually serious gum disease and even tooth loss. To prevent gingivitis, you should take good care of your teeth by brushing and flossing every day and visiting your dentist twice a year for cleanings. However, if you have had problems with gingivitis in the past, you might also want yet one more way to fight it, such as watching what you eat and drink!

Eat more of these foods

You know there are foods to eat when you need energy (such as those with carbs), and there are foods to eat when you’ve had a tough day (such as ice cream!). But there are also foods you can feel free to indulge in to heal and prevent gingivitis:

• Peanut butter, nuts, fish, and eggs, and other foods that are high in omega 3 fatty acids

• Bell peppers, strawberries, and other foods with lots of vitamin C (however, you should avoid citrus fruits, which are high in vitamin C but are also acidic, which can damage teeth)

• Spinach, lettuce, carrots, and broccoli for beta carotene

Avoid these foods

And of course, there are foods that can make it easy for gingivitis to collect on your teeth:

• Acidic foods, such as coffee, sodas, and alcohol

• Sugary foods, such as candy and cookies, of course – but don’t forget about sugary soft drinks and smoothies

• Foods and drinks that can dry your mouth out (a dry mouth can make it harder to keep your teeth clean), such as crackers, chips, and energy drinks

Some people are more prone to gingivitis than others. If your dentist has told you that you have a problem with gingivitis, take special care to brush and floss often – and adding and subtracting certain foods from your diet can help as well. Contact Soft Touch Dentistry for a cleaning appointment to fight gingivitis! Call the Brighton office at (617) 782-9250 or the Newton office at (617) 332-8146 today!

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