Do you care for your teeth diligently at home to only continue to develop cavities?  Do these cavities commonly appear on the ridged, dented surfaces of your larger, back teeth? It is very common that the shape of your back teeth is making them more susceptible to the development of tooth decay.

Teeth that have large ridges and indentions on their surface are more difficult to clean with toothbrushes. Bacteria and food particles easily hide in these crevices, despite frequent brushing – which can lead to frustrating and unnecessary tooth decay. You can stop this cycle by taking extra preventative measures to protect the surface of your teeth through the application of dental sealants.

Many patients consider dental sealants to be products designed for use by children. While many young children may benefit from the use of dental sealants – these protective barriers are also effective for adult patients who suffer from frequent instances of tooth decay.  Dental sealants are applied as a thin liquid material. However, once dry, they form a strong protective barrier against future tooth decay. Plus, sealants will protect your teeth from 5 to as long as 10 years and can be reapplied.

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