Dr. Bidabadi offers professional strength teeth whitening services that will help you achieve a more radiant smile in just one office visit or in as little as two weeks with an at-home kit. Did you know that as you age your teeth naturally grow more yellow, causing you to look less-vibrant and older. Your habits can work to amplify this yellowing as you consume coffee and other staining beverages or use tobacco products.

Unlike drug store options, professional teeth whitening services yield deeper, longer-lasting results. Professional whitening services can make your teeth as many as twelve shades brighter and the results can last over a year. Plus the immediate results save you time and money during treatment.

Additionally, the drug store teeth whitening options are harsher on your tooth enamel and can cause intense burns to your gums if not used properly at home.

Soft Touch Dentistry offers teeth whitening treatments that can be accomplished in one office visit or also has a professional strength take-home whitening kit available for those who would prefer to whiten at home or do not seek immediate results. Take home kits typically require 10-14 days of treatment to achieve optimal results.

Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Nazila Bidabadi to have your teeth whitened and achieve a truly brighter smile. Call us at 617-782-9250 for our Brighton office, or 617-332-8146 for our Newton office.




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