If you floss regularly only to still suffer from swollen or bleeding gums it may be time to evaluate how you are flossing. Many dental patients don’t brush their teeth properly or floss properly. Here are some simple flossing tips to make sure you’re getting the job done right.

  • You should use about 20” of floss with each cleaning. This allows you to wind the floss around your fingers as you move through the mouth – ensuring you’re always using a clean area of floss between each tooth.
  • Be sure to slide the floss between your teeth. This will prevent sudden popping of floss between the teeth and damage to your gums.
  • Start in the same place and work your way around your smile so that you do not miss any teeth.
  • Be sure to work the floss against your gums and teeth to really scrub away the debris that may reside on the sides of teeth.
  • Rinse afterwards with water and a restorative mouthwash.

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