3 Benefits of Handing Out Candy Alternatives This Halloween

It used to be that the only things you could hand out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween were a piece or two of candy. However, now that more and more parents are concerned not only with their children’s sugar intake but also with their oral health, candy alternatives are starting to fill up trick-or-treat bags. From playdough to temporary tattoos, your options for candy alternative treats are endless, but why are they so important?

Fewer Cavities

One of the leading causes of cavities in children is sugar consumption. To help keep your child and the neighbor kids mouths as healthy as possible, avoid giving them too much sugar— especially around Halloween. If your child does have a piece or two of candy, make sure they brush their teeth with a fluoride toothpaste right afterward.

Healthier Alternatives

Although you can hand out non-food items for candy alternatives on Halloween, consider replacing them with healthier food alternatives like apple slices or carrot sticks. By giving your child a physical replacement, you can help them stay full while giving them the nourishment their body needs in the process.

Better Habits

It takes about 21 days to make a habit and even longer to break one. If your children have been spending the entire month of October eating candy and other sugary treats, they may get into the habit of thinking sugar is the new norm. However, by replacing sugar treats with non-candy alternatives as a reward, you can stop the habit from forming, to begin with.

Halloween can be a tricky time of year— especially as a parent. By monitoring your child’s sugar intake and handing out candy alternatives to trick or treaters, you can save your child a trip to the dentist. To learn more about candy alternatives, contact Dr. Nazila Bidabadi at Soft Touch Dentistry.

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