3 Ways to Freshen Up Your Breath for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, couples everywhere are trying to think of the most romantic gestures they can make in order to make their significant other feel extra special. However, if you have the right mood lighting, food, and ambiance, nothing will...

Cosmetic Dentistry: Not Just for Adults

When you think of cosmetic dentistry, visions of adults with sparkling new dental veneers and flashy new smiles might come to mind. And although cosmetic dentistry does include both of those wonderful things, cosmetic dentistry can also be used to help children. From...

When Brushing Simply Isn’t Enough

Brushing your teeth is one of those basic hygeine concepts that we all participate in every day. Morning routines typically consist of a hot shower, a nice breakfast, and brushing your teeth. However, sometimes it can seem like that no matter how frequently you brush,...

How to Know if Your Little One Has Dental Pain

As a parent, nothing is worse than seeing your child sick or in pain. Not only does it make you feel like all power is out of your hands but you have to see your little one suffer through a sickness without having the energy to run around and play as usual. Unlike...

3 Candies Every Child Should Avoid This Halloween

If your little ones have their Halloween costumes picked out and are practicing their “trick or treat” on your own front door, then you know you are doing something right as a parent. As one of the most magical holidays, Halloween is a great time for children and...

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