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Porcelain Veneers Work Wonders

One of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures nowadays, porcelain veneers take over countries like the US, UK, and Australia in brightening people’s smiles by improving their teeth. Porcelain veeners are shell-like in appearance and are placed on the teeth surface, covering up their imperfections such as chips, cracks, or discolorations. It is done by… Read More »

Why You Should Get a Cosmetic Bonding Today

Having flawed teeth can often cause embarrassment, especially when it hinders your perfectly carved smile from being shown. However, Dr. Bidabadi can address that problem with cosmetic bonding in Brighton. Cosmetic bonding, also known as dental bonding, can improve the look of your teeth by instilling tooth-colored resin and reshaping it to achieve perfectly contoured… Read More »

Why Tooth Colored Fillings Are Better

There is a reason why Dr. Bidabadi only uses tooth colored fillings in Newton, also known as composite fillings, in her dental services. Back in the days, amalgam fillings were used. These metal fillings were strong, which means they can withstand the pressure when biting more. They were also widely known and considered inexpensive. However,… Read More »

Why Invisalign Is Better Than Braces

Dental braces have long been used as a way of straightening the alignment of the teeth with the use of metal, or sometimes ceramic, brackets and wires in order to pressure the teeth in the right contour. Just when we thought it was the only solution to straighten our crooked teeth, Invisalign in Brighton comes… Read More »

How to Maintain Teeth After Teeth Whitening

One can have a more radiant smile with teeth whitening in Brighton. In just an office visit or even in your own abode for a length of only two weeks, much brighter teeth can be achieved with the help of Dr. Bidabadi and her team of experts. But a problem that most of our patients… Read More »

The Implant Process

Although aware of its many benefits, I still have some patients at Soft Touch Dentistry who are very apprehensive about getting dental implants.  Since it is a surgical procedure they would much rather agree to getting dentures than exploring the possibility of having a more convenient and permanent alternative to wearing dentures. The whole procedure… Read More »

Nanny Bidabadi

Nanny McPhee is probably one of the movies that kids watch over and over and I love seeing the similarities when it comes to our chosen career.  Dealing with children can be very tricky, especially when you are a dentist like I am.  The image that society has painted for me hasn’t helped a bit… Read More »

Seal in the Goodness

Parents often overlook the importance of maintaining the health of their children’s baby teeth.  This is probably because they know that they will eventually be replaced by permanent teeth.  But what parents do not know is that a child’s molar and pre-molar teeth are among the last to be replaced, and more often than not,… Read More »

No Wire, No Clasps, Just Pure Comfort

Traditionally, partial dentures use bent wires that look like paper clips that help the partials latch onto the adjacent teeth to hold it in place.  But patients often find this kind inconvenient and sometimes require the use of creams and powders to help them stay in place. Soft Touch Dentistry now has a better option… Read More »

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