Cosmetic bonding is the process of applying a tooth-colored composite to teeth to fix a number of problems. Bonding can fix chipped or broken teeth or correct extensive discoloration, without the expense of a full dental implant tooth. The composite is hardened in-office, and then polished to ensure it perfectly blends in with your other teeth.

Although crowns or porcelain veneers will outlast any treatment, including bonding, with proper treatment and care bonds can last up to seven years.

Avoid chewing very hard foods like raw carrots with your bonded teeth; this can cause them to chip. Avoid foods that stain teeth, as bonded areas will not change color the same way your actual teeth do.

If your bonds do become chipped, stained, or otherwise damaged, your dentist can repair them in office. Bonds can also be touched up if you notice fading.

Of course, choosing the right dentist is probably the most important thing to consider. Since they do not come in one piece, but must be molded and shaped, make sure your dentist is experienced with the bonding process.

Although dental bonding isn’t always the best solution, in many cases it can be the equivalent of having a more involved and costly procedure done. And with proper care, bonds can last for years and make your smile look great!

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