How To Protect Your Teeth With Mouth Guards in Newton, MA

Mouth Guards

Custom mouthguards for sports keep player’s teeth safe and help prevent concussions. While many may consider protecting their teeth when playing baseball, soccer or football, accidents can happen and do happen.  Whether your choice of sports may include lacrosse, basketball, wrestling, or rugby you need to protect your teeth from injury and expensive dental bills. To protect against dental injuries, Newon, MA residents need to use quality mouth guards.

While this can benefit anyone playing sports where their teeth are at risk, those who have already undergone dental procedures have the extra risk of expensive repairs. To avoid these problems, people who’ve had porcelain veneers, dental implants, or who have dentures should consider wearing a mouth guard to protect their dental health. 

The Dangers of Sports And How Mouth Guards Can Help

Additionally, with cold winter sports, like hockey, skiing, or snowboarding, there is the added danger of speed. Getting quality mouth guards in Newton, MA should be a priority for anyone heading down a snowy slope. 

Did you know that basketball is particularly high risk when it comes to your teeth? There is a lot of contact and upclose play involved. When going for the ball at the net, players often accidentally take an elbow to the mouth. In other incidents, whether in the act of making or defending a play, hard contact can result in players being knocked down onto the court sometimes face first. This poses a risk to the players teeth as well as their jaw and tongue. 

Wrestling puts players in close proximity, which always carries a risk for dental injury. When getting elbowed in the chin, wearing a mouth guard can be the difference between losing a tooth and shaking it off and continuing to participate.

Sports are popular and a fun way to stay fit. The proper safety precautions can protect against these risks. 

Ready for Options? There Are Many Choices for Mouth Guards in Newton, MA

A dentist is the best person to consult when you want the best option for your mouth. They’ll be able to ask you questions about the winter sports you play and understand the risks you face in the game. They will also know the types of injuries your unique mouth may be susceptible to. 

Fortunately, there are options out there for every type of support and all types of unique needs. Custom mouthguards for sports can put your mind at ease the next time you’re playing a game, because you’ll know your mouth isn’t as vulnerable when secured in a custom device. 

A quality, custom mouth guard in Newton MA will be made with high-quality materials, fitted precisely to the individuals teeth and jaw structure, with your budget needs in mind. If you have previous injuries, dental work, or braces, all of these factors will be taken into consideration to provide you with the best option possible. This will save you from wasting money on standard-sized mouthguards that may not protect you as well. 

Are you ready to find out your best options for mouth guards in Newton, MA? Contact our dental office today to discuss your needs and schedule an appointment so you have maximum protection for your smile.

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