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Dental Preventative Care & Regular Checkups Newton & Brighton, MA

Dental Check Up Newton & Allston MAThe most important dental care our patients are encouraged to follow is keeping up with their regular dental checkups and preventive cleanings.

How does Dental preventive care work?

New patients are always started up with a full set of x-rays referred to as FMX to set a baseline and point of examination. A preventative care not only cleans your teeth of calculus and any other buildups, it is an examination of potential decay, the health of your gums, oral cancer exams, your bite, and any other anomalies of your oral health.

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How often should this be done?

It varies from one patient to another. Most patients that do not have gum issues have twice a year preventative care visits. This above the gum line cleaning is referred to as Prophylaxis care. In some patients, this may have to be done more than twice a year.

The other type of care which is done below the gum line and is performed once every three months. This preventative care is called periodontal maintenance. Before the start of periodontal cleaning, a deep gum level cleaning is performed which is called periodontal scaling and root planing.

All hygienists in Dr. Baidabadi’s practice schedule the follow-up visit at the end of each visit to make sure all of our patients keep up with their regular checkups.

Brighton Office (617) 782-9250
Newton Office (617) 332-8146
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