While the health of your teeth and restoration of your smile are always our top priorities when filling cavities – the dentists at Soft Touch Dentistry also understand the cosmetic concerns that patients have regarding any dental procedure. The good news is that the days of filling teeth with metal amalgams are long gone.

Traditional metal fillings were temporarily effective, however with time, dentists began to see that metal fillings could change with temperature and age, causing extensive tooth damage. They were also prone to causing healthy teeth to gray or discolor with time. Now, the gold standard in cavity repair is to use composite or tooth-colored fillings to restore teeth.

Composite fillings are not made of metal and are actually much stronger than their metal counterparts. Because they are created to match the color of your existing tooth, no one will ever know that you’ve had dental work performed.

If you are suffering from a dental condition such as tooth decay, it is important to have it treated immediately. Otherwise, if left unaddressed, tooth decay can deepen and worsen to the point of requiring a more elaborate repair such as a root canal or even an extraction.

Contact Soft Touch Dentistry today to learn more about tooth colored, composite fillings for the effective and cosmetically appealing repair of your tooth decay.

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